Upgrade from 1.81x branch to 1.100x branch?

Is there a way to move the newer stable branch other than entirely reconfiguring and losing existing recordings, etc?

There is no script for it but it is something support could do for you if you wanted to.

I don’t want to pay support to do this; if there’s no script, how about a procedure?

is not a script a procedure, and a procedure ultimately a script?

I understand not wanting to pay I was just trying to give you a option. The Asterisk 1.8 and Asterisk 10 are 2 separate tracks with there own upgrades and such so it would be really tough to migrate. It would require us finding what version of the Asterisk 10 release that matches the Asterisk 1.8 the most and force install the Asterisk 10 RPMs and change the core version numbering of the PBX.

Its not really something I could script or provide a procedure for. Sorry

I guess I see a procedure as a set of steps to accomplish a goal, and a script as a way to automate the procedure.

It’s unfortunate that older FreePBX users are now somewhat marooned on older version of Asterisk and CentOS, both of which will eventually be shelved.

Well the upgrade from centos 5.8 to 6.x is not possible. Even redhat provides no upgrade path between them. Getting to 1.10XX.210.58 would not be real tough but would take a bit of time to work out. The biggest issue is no upgrade path to centso 6.x.

No distro of FreePBX out there provides a upgrade path for even minor centos version like we do. PBXiaF requires users to reinstall to to from 5.x to 6.x also. Google Centso 5.x to 6.x and you will see nobody is doing it.

When you say FreePBX users I assume you are talking about the FreePBX distro. It’s two separate projects. Any user that is capable of installing FreePBX from scratch should be able to do the migration Tony describes.

If you use a distro (any distro, not just ours) to install CentOS, Asterisk, FreePBX and all the dependencies for you, then you end up without a connection or a clear understanding of what makes the system tick. You are at the mercy of an uncompensated third party to provide an upgrade path.

When you reach that juncture you either have to pay someone to do the work for you or acquire the skills yourself.

The distro has only been out for a year and folks are already complaining.

I was not in favor of a distro. It distracts from the mission of FreePBX. Schmooze was gracious enough to put put a large body of their intellectual property out in the wild for free. Tony spends huge amounts of his time writing these upgrades scripts.

The appalling lack of gratitude is sickening. I am really sorry that you don’t feel you got $150.00 in value out of your free phone system.

“The appalling lack of gratitude is sickening. I am really sorry that you don’t feel you got $150.00 in value out of your free phone system.”

This is a bit hyperbolic. No one said anything about being ungrateful, nor was the $150 number mentioned; your presumption is that support could get this done in an hour?

It’s open source software. You can criticize people for asking for what they want, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s free by its nature. A more open communication channel between users and developers is also a benefit of Open Source. Schmooze and Bandwidth have a good bit of embedded advertising in the FreePBX distro, so presumably some sales are being generated as a result. Let’s not pretend that this is a Mother Teresa-esque venture.

Anyway, Tony, thank you for the hard work to make FreePBX and Asterisk accessible to more folks and for your active participation on this board. I apologize if I came across as ungrateful.

Open Source needs an equally open Open Sink to work properly.

Steps are

  1. Understand what you got, and why you needed it
  2. Know what you want to do with it, and then do it.
  3. If you think it needs up-dating then go to step 1 again,(an old adage, if it works, don’t fix it, it is never Tuesday morning in linux world)
  4. If 3) is a little tough for you, then you might need help, it is available paid or free, If it your needs are time critical, pay for it, if not and you are a hobbyist , (iterate google until done). Either way you are owed exactly as much as you paid so far, that is approximately zero :wink:
  5. Most important, if you learned anything new after doing 1-4 with due diligence, then share it, it may save the next short pocketed Open Sinker a few bucks.


There is no doubt that when you fired back “I don’t want to pay support to do this” it made me bristle. My comment may have been over the top.

Tony’s commitment is admirable. The amount of code they kick back is substantial. I think dicko nailed it with his comment. It seems lately that Schmooze has gone to being a significant contributor to being the only contributor to the code from outside FreePBX proper (Philippe). This is unhealthy for any project.

A portion of the user base needs to be vested and invested in the project. This creates community and ownership. When the path is outbound only don’t be surprised if people yelp when their behind hurts.

As far as my comment, I should not have dumped this all on you.

I am glad you engaged the conversation rationally because some good dialog came of it.