Upgrade FreePBX

hello, i have some questions about upgrade of FreePBX, if i upgrade it, what benefit that i get ? And can it cause any problems with my application who we have created by ourself to provide service here ?

before you upgrade freepbx, you should know that you are doing and why upgrade.

In the change from Asterisk 11 to Asterisk 13, there were changes that made my SCCP Manager application not work right any more. In addition, the FreePBX upgrade from 1.8 to 11 changed the way that Database Interfacing happened, rendering my code “pretty much” dead.

So, I’d say it depends. If I was the engineer in change of your programming section, I’d probably stand up a standalone FreePBX server and run through your regression test plan. See what works and what doesn’t, and then add code to check for the Asterisk and FreePBX versions to handle the differences.

Upgrading is usually invoked to support new hardware, fix errors in the code, and patch security flaws. If none of these are part of your goals set, then upgrading is optional, but be ready to carry more and more of the responsibility for the support of the system on your own shoulders.

Real World example - one of my customers uses an “end of life” HDLC interface card. The company no longer supports it directly. We have the code for the driver, so we’re on the hook to make it work in our new processors. The company has resources to hire the original company to come in and help out and answer questions. Simply upgrading the hardware isn’t really an option - the application talks to a Series-1 IBM computer, so we end up with one foot constantly in the past.

Simply “upgrading” for us is a real challenge (in the example) because of the limitations on our system, so the responsibility for maintaining the system falls on us. Staying on an old version of Asterisk or FreePBX will put you in a similar position.

Thank you so much