Upgrade FreePBX to FreePBX 16

I am on the newest version of FreePBX 15, with all updates as of the date of this post ( System Version (12.7.8-2107-3.sng7). Is this still a valid and acceptable way to upgrade to FreePBX 16 from the command line? [FreePBX 16 Version Upgrade Module - FreePBX OpenSource Project - Documentation]:

CLI - How to use FreePBX upgrader tool

Please find below CLI command to perform upgrade via Linux CLI.

yum upgrade -y

fwconsole ma upgradeall

fwconsole chown

fwconsole reload

fwconsole ma downloadinstall versionupgrade OR fwconsole ma downloadinstall http://mirror1.freepbx.org/modules/packages/versionupgrade/versionupgrade-15.0.25.tgz

fwconsole chown

fwconsole reload

fwconsole versionupgrade --check

fwconsole versionupgrade --upgrade

fwconsole chown

fwconsole reload

reboot or fwconsole restart

Post Upgrade checks

  • Verify the php version to ensure the upgrade is done properly.
  • Run “php -v” command from the CLI and verify the PHP version is properly upgraded, output of the command should show php version as “PHP 7.4.XX”
  • Verify asterisk manager is connected.
  • Login to asterisk CLI and run " manager show connected" command verify admin user is connected and you are not seeing any asterisk manager connection related errors.
  • Unban / unblock known good IP’s (Applicable if you fail2ban service is enabled).
  • If your endpoints are registered through responsive firewall and not whitelisted in fail2ban then your known good IP’s may get banned during the upgrade process and needs to be removed from banned list so that the endpoint an get registered.
  • Check the modules are enabled properly.
  • During the upgrade process the module may get disabled during the upgrade process due to some dependency package or module missing so please ensure all your required modules are installed and enabled properly.
  • Verify fwconsole commands are running fine.
  • Run “fwconsole r” and fwconsole restart" commands and verify both the commands executes

Thanks in advance.

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