Upgrade freepbx 13 HA to freepbx 15 - Failed for DPMA


I upgraded fpbx 13 HA to 15 with a back and restore.

Nearly everything is ok, but actually i have some missing files.
On DPMA (connectivity - Digium Phones) i lost

  • Phonebooks
  • Ringtones
  • Networks

For the Phonebook from DPMA
I still have all the files on my pbx13 and i give some trick, but nothing work.
With SFTP i uploaded all my BLF and contacts files.

But i still don’t have them back on my DPMA phonebook.

Is there someone to help on this case please ?

My real question is, how can i have phonebooks back on my DPMA to add them on rapid dial by extension ?

After, in second time, i need all the ringtones back too, but later.

Thank you by advance !

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