Upgrade Fpbx 13 to new Fpbx 14 by Backup and Restore

Hello Freepbx,

We have several Fpbx distro’s with Fpx-v13 x32 and x64.
Now if we want to upgrade, we want to install them with a clean SNG7 OS.
Is it possible to restore a Fpbx 13 Backup into Fpbx 14. Cause we also need to migrate from x32bit to x64 bit.
There used to be an ‘upgrade Framework’ module, but not (yet) for Fpbx 14.
We want to start with a clean OS, but restore all pbx settings and Custom sound files only.

I know the OS upgrade script, but since it cannot convert x32 and we want to start with a clean installed SNG7, this is not usable for us.

I hope I described it correct this way?

Many thanks in advance.

Would probably be the best path. a restore followed by a
fwconsole ma installall might work.

Hi James!

Haven’t people reported problems with trying to use to go from 13 to 14, I am pretty sure they did…

Have a nice day!



AFAIK, no thought I believe I read it was in the plans for future versions…

I sure would like this to work as I tried the beta to upgrade from FreePBX distro 13 to 14 which did not work and I will, most likely, have to restore my system.

Good luck and have a nice day!



I found where I read about the support to backup and restore between versions.


I quote

Three of the most important features we are planning for FreePBX 15 is a complete revamp of our RestAPI, Backup and Restore upgrades, so you will - in the future - be able to restore from and to a different versions (Only 15 and higher, so will be able to restore - for example - 15 into 16 or 17 into 15), and a new File Store module, which will allow you to store backups (or faxes and other files) on S3, FTP, email, ssh and more!

That’s planned for the future and isn’t available now…

Have a nice day!