Upgrade asterisk

by installing a new module it display me a message that i have a old asterisk version

i was surprised this isn’t trough the update module

i have manualy installed asterisk 1.8
after the update it was posible to make a call but the freepbx webinterface was broaken

i have try to reboot and all that kind of things
after all i have restored a backup

now i have FreePBX and asterisk
i have followed this manual to upgrade asterisk

is there nobody who can help?

do i miss something or is this so difficult that nobody can help me?

You didn’t miss anything other than forum etiquite.

You never told us how the system was originally installed, you post a link to some Digium instructions that may or may not apply (as I rule I don’t follow links out of post).

In short you never asked a question. There are some folks in here that will try to help if you botch up an Asterisk issue, however this is a FreePBX forum.

If you don’t know how to download and install Asterisk, or understand DAHDI and other dependencies it is best to simply install using our distro or one of the other good distro’s. That’s why distro’s exist, to provide a method for folks that don’t have Linux experience to enjoy the FreePBX experience.

I am sory that i am not clear enough

a long time ago i have installed the freepbx from the

sometimes i updated the module’s and everything you can update from the webinterface
now for the camp-on it requires Asterisk 1.8 or higher.

i have FreePBX and asterisk

i can work with the web-console now and i am happy with this
but i want to know how i can update/upgrade without re-installing the machine

i hope this is enough information for you

at this moment it is some more urgent
one of my providers is not supporting asterisk 1,6

does someone have a good manual how to upgrade asterisk
i have try it many times now and end up evertime in restoring the snapshot

I agree with Tony, your distribution does not support an upgrade path. It has to be done manually. If you only know the web interface you will not have a good experience trying to download Asterisk and solve all the dependency issues.

You may consider using our paid support. One of the engineers would log on to your box and upgrade everything on your system needed to support Asterisk 1.8 and FreePBX 2.10.

Click the support link at the top of the page.

now i know where it goes wrong

when you install asterisk now it install the freepbx GUI
so i was thinking it was the freepbx distro

I am sorry for that
now i know where i need to search

Upgrading Asterisk using something like Asterisk Now is not something that FreePBX forumns can usually address as this is 100% outside of FreePBX. If you were using the FreePBX Distro or PBXiaF we both provide upgrade paths for asterisk/dahdi and the kernel.