Upgrade 2.9 Server to Ver 12

I need to update an old server from 2.9 with Asterisk 1.6 to the latest and greatest. Since this server does have numerous trunks, extensions, ring groups, etc., is there any way to back up those settings and be able to restore to a newer version?

I really don’t want to have to write down all of those settings and then have to retype everything in again.


Yes but 1.6 will stop you dead before 2.11, so iteratively, upgrade asterisk to 1.8 or better, you can either do that with your repos if they support it, or by directly installing the Asterisk source from Digium, then you can update FreePBX until it stops bitching :slight_smile:

For “belt and braces/suspenders” make a clone of your system before you do that.