Upgrade 1.814.210.58-2 to 1.8 6.2 distro?

I am currently running 1.814.210.58-2 which is end of life now. is it EOL now or will be EOL soon?

Should I move to a CentOS 6.2 release? If so am I able to upgrade?

If so is there any documentation on how to do that?

There is some good info in this thread about the future distro releases.



we will be providing updates for atleast another 6 months on the 1.8xx.210.58 release.

Cool, thank you. Before it goes end of life do you think you could provide official documentation on migrating to a CentOS 6.x release?

There is no documentation on migrating to Centos 6. Nobody has any method to go from Centos 5. to Centos 6. You will need to do a new install and use the FreePBX backup and restore module.

OK, has the module been pretty successful in migrating everything over so far?

What module are you talking about?

the backup and restore one, I have used this before I am just curious if there are any issues with moving between versions.

They have reported no issues with the latest backup and restore module and they use it daily in their support work.

I have had good luck with it too, just FYI.