Updating Polycom Firmware

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We have quite a few of the polycom vvx311 phones. I recently noticed there is a much newer firmware for these phone ver 6.2. We are currently using version 5.5 on the vvx 311. We currently have version 5.4 in slot 1 and ver 5.5 in slot two with fimware in slot 2 being applied.

What is the process for making the 6.2 version available in the Endpoint Manager so that I can drag the new version in either slot 1 or 2? Do I just upload the polycom ld files into the specific tftpboot\polycom\1 or 2 folder?

Here is what I currently see in the EPM.

Available Firmwares

  • 0.00
  • 0.01
  • 1.11
  • 1.07
  • 1.08

Firmware Slot 1
Firmware successfully installed.

  • 1.09

Non-Lync/Lync Compatible (VVX) Version
IP301 3.1.8
IP501 3.1.8
IP601 3.1.8
IP4000 3.1.8
IP320 3.3.5
IP330 3.3.5
IP321 4.0.9
IP331 4.0.9
IP335 4.0.9
IP430 3.2.7
IP450 4.0.9
IP550 4.0.9
IP560 4.0.9
IP650 4.0.9
IP670 4.0.9
IP5000 4.0.9
IP6000 4.0.9
IP7000 4.0.9

Firmware Slot 2
Firmware successfully installed.

  • 1.10

IP301 3.1.8
IP501 3.1.8
IP601 3.1.8
IP4000 3.1.8
IP320 3.3.5
IP330 3.3.5
IP321 4.1.1AA
IP331 4.1.1AA
IP335 4.1.1AA
IP430 3.2.7
IP450 4.1.1AA
IP550 4.1.1AA
IP560 4.1.1AA
IP650 4.1.1AA
IP670 4.0.11
IP5000 4.1.1AA
IP6000 4.0.11
IP7000 4.0.11
VV300 5.5.0
VVX310 5.5.0
VVX400 5.5.0
VVX410 5.5.0
VVX500 5.5.0
VVX600 5.5.0
VVX1500 5.5.0

Your are probably safer using the phones own GUI to upgrade firmware, it is clever enough to check with it’s own “build version” that can screw you, likely your 311 will be maxed out at 5.9 so won’t accept a higher version.

I think that applies to the x00/x10 versions (pre-hardware update). All my x00/x10’s can only go to 5.9 but my x01/x11’s can go to 6.2.

Either way, the GUI on the phone is “self aware”

I did upgrade two phones to the latest 6.2 version using the gui successfully. I really don’t want to upgrade 100s of phones manually.

You would have to do a custom firmware slot and upload the latest firmware to the system and then point the phones to that in their configs. Unfortunately there is no support for the current Poly lines in the EPM at this time. Not sure when (if) that will change.

Then if they are all identical, you probably can add that to your provisioning server, phones that can’t will reject it. If you downloaded the ‘combined’ file, you might need to extract the relevant bits.

Caveate, i’ve never done this on “the EPM” only over https (http also works)

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