Updating modules is messy since framework 13.0.89

The update 13.0.89 to the framework module allows for disabled modules to be kept up to date anyway, which is reasonable, they’ll be current if they are turned on at some point.

However, I have the OSS Endpoint manager disabled, because i have the commercial EPM installed and they’re mutually exclusive, so each time I do an update, the OSS EPM tries to update, and fails. Every time.

Same for Digium Addons, which always shows as:
Digium Addons will be re-installed to online version
yet fails with
Error(s) downloading digiumaddoninstaller: Retrieved Module XML Was Empty

and the Bulk Phone Restart module, which also conflicts with EPM.

So these three modules (at least) always want updating, yet won’t ever update.
It’s… bothersome : ) Could there be a way to mark a module as ‘don’t want’ or something?

fwconsole ma disable digiumaddoninstaller restart
$ fwconsole ma disable digiumaddoninstaller restart
The following error(s) occured:
 - Module not enabled: cannot disable

The digium addons module is not disabled, according to the GUI. It is not installed, and of course selecting the ‘upgrade to and install’ option generates the response above, XML empty.

Hmm, I tried the ‘remove’ option for the digium one and checked for updates again, this time it was not offered. Cool.

So I tried ‘remove’ for the other two, and those also are now not offered each time.

Didnt occur to me to try to remove it, as none of them seemed to be installed in the first place. However this does clear it up. Hope it’s safe!