Updating EPM causes Basefile edits to be lost/skipped

I’ve seen this a couple times in the past, but haven’t really been able to track it down solidly until now. Basically, when I update the EPM module, it seems to sometimes not see the existing Basefile line edits to know to NOT add those to the file. I therefore then have two copies of any edits – my edits at the top and then the defaults further in the file. When the phone reads this, it causes my edits to be ignored since the later defaults replace them. Here are some examples to make this more clear…

This is for Yealink phones. Specifically, I happen to be using T46S models, but I’ve seen it happen with others such as T29G.

As a simple example, let’s say that I want to enable auto-provisioning every day between 2am and 4am. I will go find this line in the Basefile:

auto_provision.weekly.begin_time = 00:00

That is the default. It is there for every Yealink Basefile already. I click on that line to edit it and change it to this:

auto_provision.weekly.begin_time = 02:00

I then save the edit and apply it to the phones – and all is well. If I go back in and look at that Basefile, it has exactly ONE line of “auto_provision.weekly.begin_time” – the one that I edited that says “= 02:00”. Great! All is good.

Then an update to the EPM module comes along. I install it and then go and look at the Basefile again. Now, I will see my edit towards the top like usual:

auto_provision.weekly.begin_time = 02:00

But, if I scroll down, I will ALSO see the default line added back in:

auto_provision.weekly.begin_time = 00:00

So, now there are TWO lines with “auto_provision.weekly.begin_time”. When the phone gets it, it sets the 02:00 as it gets to that line and then sets it back to 00:00 when it gets to the second instance.

Basically, it isn’t checking the basefile to see if an edit already exists before putting in the default lines.

This is even more of an issue when it is something complex line custom linekeys. For example, I normally edit the basefile to have this:

linekey.5.value = http://ServerURL:85/showparkedcalls.php
linekey.5.type = 27
linekey.5.label = Show Parked

This calls a script to generate a list of parked calls. Works great until I get an EPM update which will then add the defaults back to the Basefile:

linekey.5.value = __line5value__
linekey.5.type = __line5type__
linekey.5.label = __line5label__

So then there are two copies of each of those – and since my edits are further up in the Basefile when it goes to the phone, the defaults break all of my edits and the “Show Parked” button is gone.

As a fix, either it needs to scan for existing lines before adding the defaults back – or all Basefile edits need to always be at the END of the Basefile so that the phone applies them last.

I can open a bug report, but just wanted to post here first to make sure I’m not missing something obvious or if anyone has any questions first that I should resolve so that I can include everything in the report. Thanks.

Also, side note… Is there a way to search existing tickets for Commercial modules? You can see all open tickets for the non-commercial side. But once you go over to the spot for reporting things for Commercial modules, it looks like there is no list or search. Is that correct? Just want to see if something related already exists?

Doesn’t hurt to open another ticket, if anything it increased visibility on the Sangoma side.

Ok – just opened one. (Just to confirm, help.sangoma.com is the place to do that now for Commercial Modules? Then you just pick the “Open Source - FreePBX” options? It’s weird that that system does have a spot to select “Commercial Modules” or “EPM” or anything.)

Ok, so I got an auto-reply to my ticket that I don’t have a support contract for that deployment, so I have to pay for support.

How/where I am supposed to submit tickets for problems with the Commercial EPM that I am paying for? I shouldn’t have to buy support credits to get support for my paid commercial module, right? Am I just not seeing the right place to submit this!??

You’re correct, the module purchase price (and subsequent maintenance renewal) includes support. PM with the ticket number.

PM sent. Thank you!

If I should be submitting things like this some other way, please let me know. I followed what I thought were the proper links to report an issue with the Commercial EPM module. Thanks.

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