Updating .conf files

OK, I see that if I want to add allow=ilbc to my system, it would normally go into “sip_general_additional.conf”. But…, I also notice that at the top of the file is has a big Do Not Edit comment. I could add the line in “sip_general_custom.conf” but then it wouldn’t be with the other allow= lines.

Reading the comment line at the top of sip_general_additional.conf" implies that there is a place in the gui where I can make the change, but I can’t find that.

Question, what is the FreePBX approved method of making changes like this?

Note: I was playing with adding the ENUM function and was watching the Tutorial at

have you gone to http://freepbx.org/configuration_files ?

Do you want to allow it for all SIP or a specific trunk or extension? Depending on that answer it can go in either sip_general_custom.conf, sip_custom.conf or sip_custom_post.conf.

If it is for a trunk you can do it in the trunk peer settings via the GUI.

If it is for a extension you do it via the sip_custom_post.conf read the notes on the page mentioned above as to how to add and remove lines for a given extension.

I have been to http://freepbx.org/configuration_files. It specifies which files are owned by FreePBX and mentions the note at the beginning of files owned by FreePBX.

I want it for all SIP trunks.

I guess I think it is confusing to add allow=ilbc etc. to sip_general_custom.conf when the other matching allow='s are in a different file. Are there trunk peering settings for ENUM trunks


For SIP trunks the proper place is to put them into the peer details and/or user details section(s). Put the deny= first then the allow=. FreePBX will then place these into the FreePBX database and when it regenerates the sip_additional.conf files it will put them into the proper location for each trunk.

You can put them into the general section but then any single sip context can override those by using the deny= and allow=. Most people don’t put them there as it becomes easy to forget that they exist in the general section.