Updates for Asterisk

Hi all,

I noticed since a while that there are not updates on the Asterisk versions which are available in the Sangoma repositories.

Astersik 13 is still on 13.22.0
Asterisk 16 is still on 16.0.0

Is there any problem with newer releases or was the release cycle changed update only every 3 or 4 update to the repo?

Best regards

We no longer regularly update the old 6 distro. If you upgrade to 7 you will receive updates in a timely manner

Hi Andrew,
I’m running on:
Sangoma Linux release 7.5.1805 (Core)
Best regards

The releases are there. You have to install sangoma-devel

OK but this is nothing I want to do on a production system.
How often you move Asterisk versions into the stable repo?

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