Updated Option 66 to new server and still sends old server information

I updated my tftp option 66 to a new pbx IP using the http://HTTP Username:HTTP [email protected]:83

For some reason even factory resetting the phone, it still gets the old TFTP. I only have one DHCP server. Is there a cache somewhere? The DHCP server is 2012

My guess is the phone has the IP from your config file and most manufacutres are setup that the config file value overrides option 66 since it came from a config file.

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I factory reset the phone with same issue

You sure after a factory reset it not hitting the PBX from your new option 66 and pulling down a config file that than has the old IP still in it.

I updated the option 66 on the DHCP server with the new IP

I get that. You are missing my point. Did you also update the config file for your phone with the new IP.

I’m a little confused by this thread:

Options 66 is just option 66 - it isn’t the TFTP option. That’s something specific and that means something. When you define option 66 in your DHCP Config file, you specify the data type of the payload, which can be an IP_ADDR or a STRING. If you are using IP_ADDR, then anything that isn’t an IP address will be ignored. If it’s a string, you need to make sure that the data is correctly enclosed in quotes in the config file. In the ISC DHCP (which I understand is different than Windows’ DHCP), you can actually specify different option 66 classes by name and offer than with different payloads. Also, be sure to restart the DHCP service after you make your changes, since the config isn’t dynamic.

There are a couple of possibilities. The first is that the data you are storing isn’t the correct type for the server to update your DHCP config, and the other is that the DHCP service hasn’t been restarted.

Another thing to look at is the possibility that even though you are setting DHCP option 66, it’s possible that the phone (for whatever reason) is not making the connection to that text option. In this case, you need to make sure that the options you are downloading are correct in your actual configuration payload and that the service is actually working.

The log file for your DHCP should tell you if the DHCP options are being sent, and the log file for the Asterisk server should be telling you if the port 83 download is proceeding correctly.

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