Updated instructions for Twilio trunk settings

UPDATE I gave up. If I’m struggling to set this up, I’m in absolutely no position to maintain it.

Are there current tutorials for setting up FreePBX to work with Twilio? I have watched the Twilio videos but the interface and options do not look the same. I know so little about FreePBX I need a step by step, “click here, then go on to the next step” sort of tutorial.

I’ve got FreePBX running on Vultr but right now I’m feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, and like I can’t handle FreePBX.

Glancing through their instructions - https://assets.cdn.prod.twilio.com/documents/TwilioElasticSIPTrunking-FreePBX-Configuration-Guide-Version1-0-FINAL-06122018.pdf - it looks like they should work fine. Are these the instructions you are following?

I am not seeing where you explain what the struggle is. Are you unable to get the right configurations in place on the FreePBX or the Twilio side? Why don’t you post what you have for your settings or what you’ve tried that didn’t work so that we could give you feedback?

I didn’t specify and I should have. I’m a computer repair shop and I wanted to get into offering VOIP service for my small business customers. In order to do that, I had a lot of learning to do first, so that I could offer something I felt sure about. I chose myself as a Guinea pig and decided I would use FreePBX as my go-to PBX deployment. However, trying to get FreePBX set up for myself really illuminated how little I know, and moreover, the lack of basic understanding of VOIP. I can perform diagnosis and repairs on liquid-damaged macbook logic boards, but VOIP is completely foreign to me. I thought too much of my skills after successfully getting my phones here at the shop, operating on 3CX and voip.MS. However, once I Stepped up to a realy PBX, it became clear that I’m in no condition to be administering my own phone system, let alone those for others.

So for now, since I have work to get done, money to make and bills to pay, I decided to temporarily abandon my hopes of becoming a small time VOIP provider. I will undoubtedly revisit this in the future, but for now, if I can’t even intuitively set up my own two-line phone system, I’m just not where I need to be.

For the record, the support forum here is second to none. You all are amazing!

None of us started with the ability to intuit our phone system into working properly. Countless hours of work and exposure to the technology, and even the best of them here on the forum fumble around every now and then. Keep tinkering!