Updated Guide to doing Voicemail with Cisco Call Manager Express

This Guide is very out of date and alot of the steps I either cant do or there are no files named that exist and the create extensions i completely different in free pbx 15.

The linked document relies on chan_sip and assumes it’s bound to port 5060. If you create chan_sip trunks and extensions, the fields will be similar to the doc.

I follow the documents instructions and i dial the extension and i get a busy tone i do the debug command and it looks like it is trying to contact the pbx but i dont know enough about free pbx to diagnose it

There might be a ready made context to reach internal resources but not outbound routes, I’m not sure if there is or not. Otherwise, you need custom dialplan context the receive incoming calls on the peer trunk before going to from-internal that sets a unique channel variable. Then a dialplan hook that checks for that variable on the outbound and does a hangup.

I created a outbound dial-peer on the cisco router but i dont know if i have to do anything on the free pbx side

Is there anyway i could get in some sort of call with someone to help because i am a student and i really dont understand what your talking about i dont understand free pbx enough

There’s a good video series you could follow to learn more about FreePBX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTtql5lMeKk&list=PL1fn6oC5ndU8tezrQ1pnPSEpa_m0w8LOW

I watched the videos but i dont know what my problem is that is the thing i dong know how to diagnose it

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