Updated FreePBX 15 ISO

Hey All,

We are pleased to announce that today we released an updated version of the FreePBX 15 ISO. As always, you may download it freely on freepbx.org.

Moving forward we are going to try to update the FreePBX ISO on a more regular basis in order to keep the ISO FreePBX modules up to date.


  • FreePBX Version:

Asterisk Versions:

  • 13.29.2 (Includes Opus, Silk, and G729)
  • 16.6.2 (Includes Opus, Silk, and G729)


  • Fix: Broken module installs on ISO bootstrap
  • Update: Up to date FreePBX Modules as of latest stable

Known Issues:

  • Vega Gateway module does not auto-install
  • User has to manually install the module via Module Admin
  • User has to set the timezone in Sysadmin Module

FreePBX ISO Download:

You can download the FreePBX 15 ISO here:



Feel free to open an issue on issues.freepbx.org for any problems that may arise with the updated ISO.

FreePBX ISO Team:

A big thanks goes out to multiple members of the FreePBX ISO team that helped develop, build and test the FreePBX 15 ISO.


Will be testing this out tonight if the hotel internet is decent and nothing else comes up.

I have a client I need to migrate from on-prem to hosted.

404 Not Found with that link. Just FYI

Osnap - it worked about 10 min ago when I downloaded it. Let me figure out what happened.

Looks like we got bit by an rsync refresh on that server. Let me get that resolved and I’ll update here afterwards.

Ok, we found the offending rsync and hopefully got things squared away. Feel free to try downloading again, and sorry about the bump in the process.


Is it safe to upgrade the whole system to this version, I have Freepbx 14 now and I have more than 400 employees working on it with more than 3000 calls per day , so I am a little afraid to doing that …
please advice …

If you use that much phones on a single server, I’d suggest having a warm spare setup in place, perform a drill to see if phone calls can resume normally on the warm spare. And then update one at a time.


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