Updated firmware now phone will not allow admin access

I updated the firmware on one Snom-870 using the Commercial Endpoint Manager. There were no other changes. The reprovisioning went fine and the phone restarted after the firmware updated and connected to the system. It works.

However, the administrative web interface is asking for a user name and a password but will not accept the ones that formerly set. These were the ones used to access the phone to install the update.

The default password of snom870s is reported to be 0000 but the phone will not accept that either. I have no idea if the default admin user name is different.

Anyone have any idea of how I get back onto this unit?

Endpoint manager sets the administration password on the device. By default, it is 222222 (but you should change that!). It’s configured in the ‘General’ settings of EPM.

Thank you. I had changed the global default but had forgotten that I had done so. I had also changed the admin password to something else on that specific phone. But I am in now. Thanks again.

I wrote too soon. I can now get into the web interface using the global password but when I try to access the advanced settings then there is a text field requesting an administrator password and nothing I enter seems to have any effect. I have tried the global admin password value which gives access to the web interface but that does nothing. I have entered the global user passwrd and likewise nothing. I can see the tabs for configuration but I cannot open them.

How do I access the administrative functions on the phone again?

This is what I find in snom870-.htm.

# grep admin_mode snom870-.htm
<admin_mode_login perm=""></admin_mode_login>
<admin_mode_password perm=""></admin_mode_password>
<admin_mode_password_confirm perm=""></admin_mode_password_confirm>
<admin_mode perm="RW">on</admin_mode>
<user_admin_mode perm=""></user_admin_mode>

Which I interpret to mean that the existing settings on the target phone should not have been changed at all. Clearly either this is not the case or something else changed them before the settings update. Since a firmware update was applied this possibility exists. However, the documented default password for the administrative function is 0000 and this does not work.

How do I go about accessing the maintenance features of this phone?

Does this work on all phones? I’ve got some Polycoms that I’m implementing and I think I might need to know if that’s going to be an issue for the Luddites I’m installing the phones for. :slight_smile: