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Updated Endpoint License still shows expired

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(Btech) #1

I had FreePBX 2.11 installed with an endpoint license. When I upgraded to FreePBX 14, it showed that the license was still good, but updates were expired.

I went online and purchased a new endpoint license, refreshed my activation, so now the license updated to 25 years from today but the “Updates” still show “expired”. If I bought a new license should it not come with a year of updates?

(Tony Lewis) #2

Sounds like something did not go right with your purchase. Please contact customer service at

How come you bought a new EPM instead of buying the maint renewal. I bet we never acoxunted for someone in the backend that would buy a new EPM if they had it already versus just paying for the module renewals.

(Btech) #3

When I was looking in the store I did not see the separate option to buy just the maintenance renewal. The only option I saw for support was this forum or paying for support. I had previously paid for support but it expired without me using it so I didn’t want to have to buy support and have it expire again. I forged forward into the fray on my own and became lost… :wink:

(Preston McNair) #4

You can find the instructions for looking up your available software renewals here: