Update to Asterisk

I have freepbx 16 distro and it’s installed asterisk 18.6.0.
On Asterisk website, it’s available asterisk 18.9.0.
When it will be available on Freepbx distro?

Thanks for the reminder, I’ve created a ticket to get the latest version of Asterisk 18 published.

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Why would this need to happen?
This should be an normal part of the release process.
I realize the Asterisk team and the FreePBX team are different, and a ticket needs made for the process flow.
But why on earth are you needing to be reminded to manually create a ticket?

IMHO Asterisk should be keep updated, when a new asterisk version is available should be available also on freepbx distro, especially for bugfixes and security fix

Don’t forget 16 and 19. Both would also have new version releases.

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Asterisk versions, 16.23.0, 16.8cert12, 18.9.0 and 19.1.0 are in the testing repos now.

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why would this need to happen?

in a modern development house, tickets are how work is tracked. its literally the “TODO LIST”.
without a ticket or task, no work gets done.

I literally said that. Do not quote out of context.

I want to know why someone on the FreePBX team needs to be manually reminded to create a ticket for this process.

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because Humans are human, and occasionally things can get missed?

I think the point that @sorvani is trying to make is: The distro has been around since 2.11 (2011-ish) so it something that has been around for 10 years now. That entire 10 years when a new version of Asterisk is released they make RPMs for those releases for the Distro. The fact that Asterisk has a rock solid release schedule/timeline means that FreePBX should be well aware of the fact that every 4-6 weeks a version update release happens. Community members shouldn’t have to keep requesting new versions be added.

Unfortunately, this happens to be a common trend where the community has to make threads asking “When’s version X going to be ready?”. I mean I don’t even seen an announcement for Asterisk v19 being added until now.

My frustration with all this (and I’m sure others) is the fact that Sangoma has had control over both theses projects for the last three years and the FreePBX project still can’t seem to be inline with the one thing the entire project was built around, ASTERISK. The fact that FreePBX is still filled with a bunch of deprecated applications, functions and even settings for drivers leaves the impression that no one is actually making improvements to existing things. I mean it’s great FreePBX has an IoT module. You know what would be better? Getting rid of things like app_macro and other out of date crap that Asterisk no longer deals with. Along with adding new features and improvements that come with releases.

I mean honestly this all started as the Asterisk Management Portal back in 2004 and it was exactly that, a GUI that let you manage Asterisk. Sadly over the past 16 years changing the name to FreePBX and having a bunch of commercial modules doesn’t change what the core of FreePBX still is, a giant management GUI for Asterisk. It still requires the users to understand individual Asterisk settings and what the hell they do because all the configuration forms are 1:1 settings fields for config files.

I mean Chan_SIP isn’t even the primary driver for FreePBX anymore but in Advanced Settings you still have a template for Chan_SIP and IAX settings. Ya think that might have been updated to be a template for Chan_PJSIP in the last 6 years.

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Serious question here. Why do people seem to care so much about minor releases of asterisk?

If you’re using Distro (SNG OS) then you have chosen the path of stable, mature, practically outdated versions of everything. Why? because they are well tested and unchanging. This has sort of been the idea behind Enterprise Linux since forever.

So why is getting the latest minor release of asterisk so important?

edit: 18.6.0 was released August 12 so it’s not even ancient history.

Glad I found this-I was actually wondering the same thing. It appears that the asterisk version is manually updated on freepbx releases. Is there a way to force a manual update though? I’m doing some ARI development, and there’s a bug in 18.6.0 that’s causing some grief. Would be nice to be able to just update to the new asterisk version. Note-I did just pull an update to, but that didn’t seem to update the asterisk version.

Hi BlazeStudios. Not sure if this is off topic, but to chime in… I’m new to this scene, I’ve installed asterisk, various piaf and freepbx as tests over probably 10 years, and I have a number of linux servers going back at least 20 years, so I’m not a total dolt about this stuff, I have lots of wounds from both commercial and open source, including Apple, MS, Google/Android, and about every major *nix.

Last month I put together a production pbx system, went with VoipSupply, PBXact hardware and distro, and Sipstation, to support the effort. I love the idea of a single source of hardware, trunking and pbx being vertical. I need to have a gui interface, that I can document, and potentially get a support contract because I’m just one guy in a small company and I could get hit by a bus, and as long as I’m standing, there is no way I’m going to find value having some corporate hair shirt try to put a system designed for 500 users into my office of 5 people.

I was hopeful that it had all matured, and everyone was 110% with presales.

It’s an awesome setup, it works great.

But man, this is a very confusing interface, and while there there is ok documentation, I feel I’ve suffered to get it to a point that is fairly well configured, and I still have a dozen unanswered questions.

There must be what, 5 or 10,000 configuration options, and I’ve changed maybe 100? At least 10 times I’ve found myself with 20 windows open, and googling to find out what and where the heck is going on.

it’s been somewhat difficult to find answers and how-to’s. The few Sangoma videos have been helpful. Especially the excellent couple of series on Youtube from Chris from Crosstalk. And thank you all on this forum you are god sent.

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