Update to 10..13.66-14 breaks Yealink blf

we applied the update to go from 10.13.66-13 to 10.13.66-14 and discovered that the blf hints on the yealink T4x phones no longer register. this issue seems to be specific to yealink. the epm version is 13.0.51. emp yealink firmware is 1.12

the config on the phone looks correct. the extension numbers are 1102 and 1104. as you can see from the following the phone looks correct but there are no hints registered for either extension

i am not sure how to mark this one as solved, but it issue was to say the least an obscure one. we did not notice that the emp was out of maintenance. as soon as we reupped the maintenance everything started working. a little disconcerting to say the least as i would have expected the emp to continue to function at the level that was installed.

It will continue to work at the level it was it just wont let you upgrade. My guess is you also upgraded EPM after you renewed maint and it was a bug in yealink with EPM on the version you had.

yes i think we did upgrade the emp. what i am a bit confused on is why this would change the phones ability to register its blf’s. i could understand it if we had also rebuilt the config and loaded or updated the phones, but in fact, simply resuscitating the emp fixed the issue. as i said, all very strange.

I had a similar issue after updating an asterisk 13/Fpbx13 system to 10.13.66-17 (after which the linux instance completed restarted). This included RPM updates for asterisk 13 to 13.12.1-1.shmz65.1.146 and after the update and rebooting yealink T46G’s, no BLF lights were working. sip show subscriptions only showed subscriptions to mwi, 70 (for parking) and a couple of day/night buttons, but no extension BLFs. I did yum downgrade asterisk13* to get back to 13.11.2-3.shmz65.1.141 and did an fwconsole restart. I checked core show hints and all hints for all extensions were missing, so I issued a core reload, and checked again. hints were back and subscriptions from the T46G’s started to come back as well. Not sure if this is a bug in the asterisk packages for 13.12.1, but after doing an fwconsole restart, I’m not sure why hints would be missing until core reload is run.