Update Server problem?

This FreePBX Server version is: 6.12.65-24
Ran module admin (Standard/Commerical) and upon return of the page, several modules show the version on the FreePBX Server is newer than online. Presumably since all modules on the FreePBX Server are updated every few days, there is an issue with the FreePBX Update Server(s)

FreePBX Framework 12.0.38 Stable FreePBX GPLv2+ Newer than online version (12.0.37)

Phonebook Directory Stable Schmooze Com Inc GPLv3+ Newer than online version (

Call Forward 12.0.7 Stable Schmooze Com Inc AGPLv3+ Newer than online version (12.0.5)

Call Recording Stable Schmooze Com Inc AGPLv3+ Newer than online version (

We are upgrading the freepbx servers. Please give us the weekend for all the kinks to be figured out

Hi Andrew,
Glad you saw the post. Thank you for the quick reply.

Is this also why I can’t access anything on mirrors.freepbx.org to download the Tarballs? I need them for a school project but can put it on the back burner if its just a weekend thing.

You can still access mirror2 which is what others have been doing such as hawkeye (though its a little out of date)

Not sure there’s still not an issue…

There was some difficulty a week or so back where nothing would update due to GPG signatures not working, but eventually worked again… Only now there’s a problem with the server seemingly having old versions? See the version info below:

amportal a ma listonline

dashboard Newer than online version (
findmefollow Newer than online version (
fw_ari Newer than online version (

I’m a bit reluctant to upgrade to 12 from this if the repository is so out of date?

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