Update query inside cdr table within the call

Hi All,

How can I run a script in the “macro-hangupcall” to update the cdr table before hangup the call ?
I tried to run AGI script and the script ran but for some reason I don’t know my data has been overwritten again .

Any Clues ?

You can’t hook macro-hangupcall, but you can add a hangup handler and I expect that will do what you need. See the “How do I perform a custom action on hangup?” part of this this post: Hooking for fun and income

Thank You for the answer , but the problem I am facing even with your Docs ,than I am trying to select a value from the cdr table and it returns with an empty fields ,How can I get the info ? or I am wrong and the fileds have not been created yet

CDR Records are not created until the channel is closed. You might find what you’re looking for in the CEL table.

And If I need to update some records in the CDR what should I do ?

Maybe you should start from the beginning by stating the problem you wish to solve.

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