Update Endpoint manager stalls

I’ve tried to update the Endpoint manager from to multiple times this morning. It gets to around 76-79% and then hangs every time. The download up to that time is very slow. For example it took almost two hours to go from 76% to 79% on this last try.

I’m trying to get all the modules updated to the most current version before I do the big system update but at this rate I’m not having much success. The prior modules updated fine.I was also able to update the modules below it by not selecting Endpoint Manager for update so everything shows as updated except Endpoint manager and the System Updater module.

Is this a problem in the GUI so a Yum-update would fix it or is there a different issue going on?

I’ve updated modules on a couple systems this morning without any noticeable speeds issues.

More than that, I can’t help.

Thanks. It seems to be only this one module. It’s now up to 82%… a record for the day so far.

Update… it never progressed from 82%. What are the commands to update this module from Putty instead? Any chance that would be more successful?

fwconsole ma upgrade endpoint
fwconsole reload

You can look at everything that needs upgraded with

fwconsole ma showupgrades

It does show the upgrade as still needed but how do I force a download via Putty? And is it any more likely to complete than via the GUI (which is still hung).

doing it through the CLI you are more likely to see any sort of error that is thrown

That makes sense but I’m not getting an error. It simply stops downloading and just sits there. Hours later it’s still at the same % complete in the download.

  1. Make sure you are using the https mirror. the http server is trash.
  2. Try and do just the download and see if that helps fwconsole ma download endpoint

When I use that command the download flies in quickly. So there’s something in the GUI that’s causing the problem with the download there. Now… how to I make it update? Never mind. found that part. Success.

Thank you.

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