Update available won't turn off

I’m the only one that has the Sangoma Phone desktop app installed here, and it’s been telling me there’s an update available. Because of our security I can’t install it with my normal account, I have to elevate that to a domain admin then I can log in, update, change my account back, restart, etc. I have to do this for other programs occasionally, not a big deal.

Except Sangoma Phone won’t stop telling me there’s an update available. It tells me the update was successful when I install it, but the message never goes away. It’s currently on 4.0.1.

How do I make this stop?

I recently did an update and I’m on 4.0.2. It sounds like maybe your update wasn’t successful, even if it tells you it was. I imagine it’s probably related to your security policy, but I probably can’t point you in a useful direction to solve that piece.

This might be a last resort for you, but if you uninstall and reinstall the current latest (non-beta) version from GitHub, I’m guessing the update banner will go away.

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