Update All PBX Machines, Consolidate to 1 Location or Move to PBXact Cloud

I am needing to start reevaluating our FreePBX setup and was wanting some suggestions on what is the best path to take.
Our company currently has 5 locations all running their own FreePBX servers and PRI trunks. Total of about 95 extensions and I would say at no point are there are more than 30 concurrent calls. The FreePBX servers are almost 5+ years old and havent been kept current. The PRI’s in each location are only costing around $200-400 a month. Because of our corporate office is moving and a few locations ISP contracts are coming up I was exploring trying to make a change.
Below was what I was considering.

  1. Upgrade FreePBX hardware in corporate office to like a PBXact 100 appliance and keep PRI trunk and plan on decommissioning branch locations FreePBX’s servers and have all calls route over site to site VPN to corporate office. This would cut out 4 freepbx servers to manage and cut ISP voice cost in those 4 locations.

  2. Migrate to PBXact Cloud so no additional hardware would need to be purchased going forward. Doing some cost analyst it doesnt appear to be much of a cost saver as I had first imagined but would give us a little less risk and management with handing onsite PBX servers to manage and maintain.

  3. Upgrade all locations FreePBX hardware and keep PRI trunks just like currently.

I was wanting feedback on what people see as the best option moving forward. All suggestions or opinions welcome.

What about hosting your own FreePBX in the cloud? (PBXact is the commercial version of FreePBX). You have several options. I host my FreePBX in Google Cloud Platform. It took me sometime to learn how to use FreePBX, but after that I just go there for updates and using new features. Three years ago, I wrote a step by step on how I did this. Recently I needed to increase my storage and I was able to do so in less than an hour. In the past I was able to increase the CPU with a few clicks. Creating a backup and restoring it from a snapshot is easy. The best part you can trying for FREE.

[How-to] Install & Secure FreePBX Distro (with commercial modules) on Google Compute Engine
[How-to] resize FreePBX disk on Google Compute Engine
[How-to] Mount Google Cloud Storage Bucket to (FreePBX) Instance as a File System

  1. PBXact or FreePBX with the commercial modules you use on a cloud host.

90 extensions and 30 concurrent calls? A $10/month Vultr instance can easily handle that.

Drop all of the PRI for SIP trunk service (lots of choices)

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