Upcoming Module Expiration E-mail notification

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We do receive an e-mail notification when a commercial module expires. However we receive this e-mail when the module has already expired. How can we can change this e-mail notification to receive it ideally 5 days prior to expiration ? I can’t seem to find this notification setting in the portal.

Customer Service has replied this cannot be changed and that we should simply verify Sangoma Portal > Reports > List > Sales-Module Renewal By Deployment.

This is not a good solution for us. We have about 100 deployments hosted for different clients and would like to renew a few days before they expire. We can’t pull out a report manually every week or so. We need a notification of some sorts.

What do you suggest ? Are there any other notifications I can set for this ?

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Feature Request:

(Philip Young) #3

Yes, I’ll open a feature request.

I want to know how other people manage this. There might be another way that I’m unaware of.

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Judging by the questions we get every couple weeks, I’d guess your experience is the norm. We’ve had people who “suddenly” realized that a module they were using hadn’t been updated in a couple of years, so the email notice this might not even be a thing…


Also ‘Self awareness’ often works :wink:

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