Upcoming Module Expiration E-mail notification

We do receive an e-mail notification when a commercial module expires. However we receive this e-mail when the module has already expired. How can we can change this e-mail notification to receive it ideally 5 days prior to expiration ? I can’t seem to find this notification setting in the portal.

Customer Service has replied this cannot be changed and that we should simply verify Sangoma Portal > Reports > List > Sales-Module Renewal By Deployment.

This is not a good solution for us. We have about 100 deployments hosted for different clients and would like to renew a few days before they expire. We can’t pull out a report manually every week or so. We need a notification of some sorts.

What do you suggest ? Are there any other notifications I can set for this ?

Feature Request:

Yes, I’ll open a feature request.

I want to know how other people manage this. There might be another way that I’m unaware of.

Judging by the questions we get every couple weeks, I’d guess your experience is the norm. We’ve had people who “suddenly” realized that a module they were using hadn’t been updated in a couple of years, so the email notice this might not even be a thing…

Also ‘Self awareness’ often works :wink:

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