Unregistered Yealink CP860

FreePBX 13.0.195
Current Asterisk Version: 13.7.1
Phone: Yealink CP860
Using Endpoint Manager

My phone says no service. When I go into the menu to enable the account it will then have the extension and an invalid account symbol. The phone obtained and IP, it recognizes my freepbx server IP, and even shows the newest firmware installed ( Any suggestions?

Yealink template

Your phone is probably not registered.
Could be a lot of things that is causing this, we’ll need logs to tell…

Also, I’d start by checking if the IP got banned.

When I ping that IP I get a response. Can you tell me what cmd I need to run to check the logs? Sorry, but I am fairly new to VOIP systems

Under system admin, intrusion detection.

Seems like the IP is not banned. What else can I try?

From the console. Run
asterisk -rvvvvvvvv

Reboot your phone and see if you get any errors there

I typed that cmd in and it does not seem anything appeared

Did you see any errors while the phone powered on?

I did not

Did this phone ever work?

Well we just bought this phone. It is a fresh install

I know you want to manage the phone with EPM, but have you tried a simple “register by hand” to see if the phone can connect at all?

So per your original post it got the config files. When you log into the phone is it the correct address where it’s trying to register?

the config file went through and the phones GUI seems to show that