Unreachable extension Call drops after 15mins of use

xxxx/xxxx xx.xxx.xxx.xx D Yes Yes A 59071 UNREACHABLE

I have been seeing the above error message when for a extension for quite some time. The user changed to a different IPS (Comcast out of MN) and is using a xFinity home modem. I have talked to many people and they all seem to think that it is an SIP issue. I looked at the modem to make sure that is was off and if appears to me that it is. On the setting up port 5060 is open along with 10000:20000. Every one of my user except this one is working ok. They are located through out the US and use different ISP Carriers. I am not sure where or what to look at next. Can anyone help ?

It’s not your system, it’s their gateway. Bridge mode with something else will fix it, there’s hardcoded SIP ALG that’s probably messing you up


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Thank You i will give that a try

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