Unknown: write failed: No space left on device (28)

Can someone direct me what to do with this message? The freepbx system has essentially crashed. Can’t access via ssh, can’t access gui.

Thankfuly I had a backup and did a restore. That temporatrily fixed the issue and got my system back online. How do I prevent this disk issue in the future? I am showing over 40 GB of disk space available at the time of the issue.

SOLVED - On my own

To be forwarned before that happens again, install logwatch and make sure you are getting its emails.

Seems quite complete , it should run on any machine though.

I have been seeing problems today also.

I was making changes in SysAdmin and it just locked up.

No GUI and no SSH.

I logged into the console on Vultr and saw an error about out of memory and something about httpd. I restarted the entire node and it came back up.

But now I am seeing this often. Never noticed that before. I can reboot via the GUI and the CPU stays high for minutes after boot. Never noticed that before.

Try to single out the specific js running so many threads

ps -aux|grep java

runaway iSymphony. thanks. uninstalled as I am not using it.

Gotta love badly written java

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Java. Not js.

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Thank you, corrected.

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