Unknown: write failed: No space left on device (28) and others

Hola! mi problema es que al intentar ingresar me dice que no tengo espacio en el dispositivo, al querer ingresar por Putty me dice acceso denegado, no fui yo quien configuró el sistema y las personas que están no saben como fue realizada la configuración tampoco.
Quisiera resetear el pass pero al no tener espacio en el dispositivo no me muestra la página de inicio tampoco. Me podrían aconsejar a como poder ingresar o hacer algo en este caso en particular? Gracias!!!

Hello! My problem is that when I try to enter it tells me that I have no space on the device, when I try to enter through Putty it tells me access is denied, it was not me who configured the system and the people who are there do not know how the configuration was done either.
I would like to reset the pass but since I don’t have space on the device it doesn’t show me the home page either. Could you advise me on how to enter or do something in this particular case? Thank you!!!

You could try to connect the harddisk to a different Linux machine and delete the (log)files in the tmp folder. But I am no expert…

If you have physical access, boot a ‘rescue cd’ and reclaim space, if you don’t , well that’s harder.

If you have physical access and can connect a keyboard and monitor, see
At the root shell prompt, you can delete logs or other unwanted files, as well as resetting the root password.

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