Uninstall then reinstall with new configuration

So I am using this link to help me install freepbx.


Someone sent it to me so I thought it was a good article. However, I made a couple of mistakes during the install and I need to correct it.

I thought it would be better to just uninstall everything and start over. I could not figure out how to do “apt-get remove frepbx”. It did not work. I tried hacking the files but when I attempt a reinstall the configuration file is the same and all of the files I edited in the first install are still available.


  1. I need to remove freepbx and asterisk. How do I do this?

  2. How do I remove the configuration files so I can truely start fresh?

  3. Does anyone have a better article for installing Freepbx for Asterisk-11 on Ubuntu?



I found this link. I tried it…it appears to work.


We have a wiki.