Uniden EXP1240B (base) and EXP1240H-UNI (handsets) review

I have a fair amount of experience with the Yealink W52P, but due to the fact they don’t reliably handle multiple sip accounts or handsets as advertised I have had to look for another solution.

With all the hype around the Uniden and FreePBX integration I bought a couple base stations and handsets. It took me a bit to wrap my head around the way the “tree” works between base stations, repeaters, and handsets. It seems a repeater cuts your channel capacity so I would recommend just using multiple base stations to extended coverage. Certain codecs will reduce the max number of active calls.

10 calls per base station (dropped to 4 to 8 with features or codecs enabled)
The seamless hand-off between bases seems works well.
Decent battery life
Decent speaker phone
ergonomically, I can reach all the buttons one handed.
Sound quality is good
Range is about the same as the Yealink

Even though the documentation in the admin guide is extensive, some critical things are completely missing. Like documentation regarding the templates and/or configuration variables and allowed values. The guide contains a few lines from the head of the file and that’s it.

The web interface for configuring the handset is editing a raw config file. This file is difficult to read with all the base station pairing, repeater, sip accounts, hand set config is all jumbled and doesn’t appear to contain all the allowed configuration variables. Zero comments in the config.

There isn’t a VM button and you cannot access Vm from any menu on the phone. There are 4 soft-keys, but without any template documentation you have to dial *97 or add it as a contact.

A feature I found in an old document that was stripped from the current version
on the handset, select Menu and enter *SERVICE* It will open up some menus that can master reset, site survey mode, log viewer, etc.

On a side note, I am looking for the ability to distinctive ring and play with the soft-keys.

I would appreciate it If anyone has the alert-info settings to cycle the ringtones or a template documentation like a list of varible=values.