Unexpected T_STRING in /var/www/admin/functions.inc.php

Long user of FreePBX distro here. I’ve been having problems trying to upgrade to the newest version of FREEPBX but was having wget problems. I made a change in my wget line and now my web sever is not functional. I’ve tried locating a copy of the of the functions.inc.php file but I’ve been unable to find one.

Here is my error:

PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /var/www/html/admin/functions.inc.php on line 492

Here is line 492:

exec(“wget --spider --server-response “.$url.” 2>exec(“wget --spider --server-response”.$url.” 2>&1", $wgetout, $exitstatus);1", $wgetout, $exitstatus);

This problem started when I was unable to refresh signatures when doing an upgrade and wget was not retrieving the files from the freepbx servers.

Any help would be appreciated as we have lost our click to dial functionality because the web server is not working.



If wget wasn’t working you should have just gone to module admin and switched use wget to false.

Your exec string is all sorts of messed up. I’m not sure how to help you there.

It got messed up because I was trying to edit the file with the vi editor and I am not sure how to use it. I was trying to edit this line because of a suggested post at: http://issues.freepbx.org/browse/FREEPBX-7994 I should have made a backup before I did any editing.

I was hoping I could find another /admin/.fuctions.inc.php and just copy of over it.

You need to tell me your framework version before I can tell you that.

Thanks Andrew for getting back with me.

I could possible do that if I was able to get web webserver running again. Is there any other way for me to find that information?

I do have root access.

Any clues? I would hate to rebuild, when the fix seems simple. Everything was working fine before I started doing all these updates and trying to figure out why some files were not downloading.