Undo/reset conf changes

Greeting + thanks in advance!
Is there a way to undo/reset conf changes - when changes are red, but I dont remeber what was changed?
Any way to just undo any changes without applying?

unfortunatly I have click on delete link of a sip trunk and immediatly freepbx ask me to apply changes whitout ask me for a delete confirmation. This feature is more dangerous because a litle mouse click can delete an entire trunk entry.

it is mossible to change the behavior due to ask for a confirmation before delete anything?

How I can undo the changes now?



You are correct there is not a undo. That is the reason you should install the backup module and schedule it to make backups on a regular basis, so that when mistakes happen you can restore.

There has been some talk about tracking changes so that things can be undone but that will not happen in the 2.x branch for sure as it’s a much bigger and complex task then you think.

just a simple text log of “These are the changes to be applied” to jog our memory? (yes, that is extensive too, but not as bad as undo.)

I have a similar case, I have an outstanding change, yet I have no recollection of having clicked on anything. So, not so much an undo as a reminder list of what was done - can be as explicit as you can make it while readable.

It is an old post, but for those who still have this issue and have not clicked on ‘Apply Configuration Changes’ go to /etc/asterisk (Centos 5.x) and you will see a file - sip_additional.conf. The outbound trunk configuration is listed inside. Make a backup of this file before ‘Apply Configuration Changes’, then use the settings inside to re-create the SIP trunk.