Undefined Banner appears when Call Event Logging Refresh is selected

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(Dpbx71) #1

Call Event Logging Module Version:

Reports > Call Event Logging > Select Refresh

  • Why would this banner appear?

  • On select refresh, at first you get a result that says “No Matching Records found” that is replaced by the true result set after a few moments. If you select refresh again, it says loading please wait without the banner. If you select refresh before a result set is posted at the bottom, you get the undefined banner again.

  • I’m not seeing any issues with the module itself, but is there a way to make this go away?

(Matt Brooks) #2

This looks like Javascript is having an issue calling back to something. Can you open up your Javascript console for your browser (In Chrome that would be: View -> Developer -> Developer Tools) and paste any errors?

This could be an issue with another module, hard to tell unless we know the exact error.

(Dpbx71) #3


(Matt Brooks) #4

Well… never mind, that’s not helpful either. I’m not able to reproduce this on my end either. So I have no idea what’s going on.

(Dpbx71) #5

Looks like it only occurs when a query is being disrupted by a refresh… so as long as I’m patient, it doesn’t happen.

Would be pretty cool if that was updated in the future, but not the end of the world.

(Matt Brooks) #6

Sounds like a “loading” modal would prevent the user from executing the refresh?

(Dpbx71) #7

I might have misread that, but here are my thoughts

Allowing an interruption of the query to start a new one would be a good thing. There are instances where incorrect values are entered, and rather than waiting for a query to finish, it would be ideal to just re-run immediately.

The page does a good job of saying when values are being looked up. It’s only when you disrupt the page when it’s in-progress that things get a little confusing. Instead of an undefined, maybe just say loading again. But that’s just my opinion as one of many users :slight_smile: