Unconditional call forward - Novice question

I am trying to set up a feature code (like *72 and *73) to forward all incoming calls every night to a cellular phone.

All inbound calls are going to a ring group that rings all extensions.

I have tried to use *72 from an extension, and it seems to work only when this extension (213) is being directly called from another extension (eg 212->213). So basically global forwarding should be enabled from an extension but apply to all incoming external calls (that is, no extension from the ring group should ring).

I would appreciate some help. Thank you

Is it time-bound? If yes, have you thought about using a time condition? During open hours send calls to ring group, during closed hours send calls to cellphone (virtual extension or misc. destination depending on call treatment needs).


Another option is to use a call flow control. This works like a time condition (path A or B), but is manual (key press) vs. automatic.


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In your ring group put a # after the extension. This allows call forwarding/follow me.

Thank you for your reply comtech . I am already utilizing this but some of our users need to be able to do it via a simple dialing on their phone. Apart from that, the external number changes every night and it is not always possible to know the number beforehand.

As for the other reply, thank you also voipgenius. Do you mean that if I put the pound on all extensions and then use *72 in one of them, it should be enough?

Exactly. You can also use a queue but yes put the # after the extension in the ring group and give it a shot.

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