Unclear instructions on upgrading official FPBX Distro from 12 to 13 using sysadmin pro

I must have read the wiki a dozen times but it’s not very clear about upgrading from one version to another (updates inside of a version is perfectly clear). I have been a FPBX distro user for many versions but somehow this is the first time this is coming into question. If I remember correctly, my upgrade to 12 happened automatically through sysadmin updates but seems with 12, that is no longer the case.

The meat of my question is this: It seems the upgrade tool (freepbx module) are for those using freepbx on their own linux distro. Those on the official freepbx distro should not use that tool and need to use the update scripts to update freepbx so that it updates the Freepbx GUI in addition to OS level packages and dependencies. The confusion is for those who, like me, have the sysadmin pro module, which the wiki says no need to run the scripts manually, just use the updates menu option in sysadmin. Unfortunately this method stops at the last update for the track and doesn’t get you over to the next track.

It doesn’t say it clearly in the wiki but if I read between the lines it’s saying that I should run the 6-12-65-100 script to get me onto the next track. Did the sysadmin pro module upgrade to the next track in the past or am I just not able to remember correctly? What is the official word on upgrading the official distro from 12-13 for those of us using sysadmin pro?

Thanks in advance!


You manually run the 6.12.65-100 script to get to the 10.13 branch, regardless of whether you have sysadmin pro or not. This may have been done automatically in past versions, but this one doesn’t.