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I can’t say I have much experience with FreePBX, but it seems I have a rather odd problem.

I am developing a SIP endpoint and I am using MicroSIP to test it.

I have a PJSIP extension, which I am connecting to the SIP endpoint I am developing. Judging by the Wireshark traces, the registration is successful (server returns 200 OK), but after invoking pjsip show endpoints from the CLI, it is shown as unavailable. I tried switching to chan_sip but to no avail - I was still unable to call the endpoint from MicroSIP. If I tried to place a call from the problematic endpoint to the MicroSIP endpoint, then it works.

From a network perspective things are very simple - everything is in one VLAN. I can also confirm, that the endpoint I am developing is working, since I am able to call it by using the IP address and port when placing the call from MicroSIP.

I guess it’s some detail that I am missing, but sadly I cannot find it. Let me know if you need any logs or Wireshark traces and thank you in advance!

By default, Asterisk periodically sends OPTIONS requests to see whether the endpoint is still alive. If there is no response the endpoint is marked unavailable. This is controlled by the qualify settings.
For testing, you can set Qualify frequency to 0 to turn off this mechanism.

Note that if Rewrite Contact is off and the Contact header sent by the endpoint is incorrect, the OPTIONS will be sent to the wrong address/port and there would of course be no reply.

@Stewart1 Thank you for your immediate reply, it really seems to be the case. I didn’t pay attention to the OPTIONS requests when I was going through the Wireshark captures at first.

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