Unauthorized calls, same provider, second IP

First off, I hope this makes sense. And thank you for anyone who can take a look

I’m using Genesys PureCloud to handle my IVR solution. Call comes into my Asterisk 12 box, transfers to PureCloud over a trunk that’s routed through a PureCloud provided premise edge device. The device has a lan side, and a wan side. Problem is that some calls to me come in over with LAN IP in the "via: " header, and intermittently some come over with the WAN IP in the “via:” header and get 401 Unauthorized. The trunk is registered with the LAN IP.

I’m not sure why they are coming in like that, but is it possible to use NAT/Mange on the Asterisk box to change everything in the SIP messaging that uses the WAN IP to have the LAN IP instead?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m happy to provide any information that might be helpful to solving this!

You could try creating a trunk with the WAN IP, if that is feasible.

While I can’t do that, I did figure out that I had the same trunk associated with both the LAN and the WAN inside the PureCloud settings. By removing the trunk of the WAN, it forces everything to go over the LAN.

Thank you so much! You’re input helped me identify where to look and find the issue.

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