Unable to use variables on Trunk Dial Options

I’m trying to use a variable on trunk dial options like this:


When the command executes from the dialplan, it gets passed to asterisk without evaluating the variable (passing the ${RAND… string without getting the random number.
I managed to make it work modifying extensions_additional.conf to use ${EVAL()}, but as you all know, changes in _additional.conf files won’t last if new config changes are made on the GUI.
How can I hardcode this ${EVAL stuff to be generated every time the GUI writes conf files?

As always, use the “_custom.conf" and ".overide.conf” files, it is very well documented.

As you begin, please sprinkle your code liberally with noop’s, you will start to understand the occasional idiosyncratic behavior of Asterisk and where the variables ar available and how they are scoped :wink: