Unable to update S500 phones

I have 4 (Out of 8 total) S500 phones at a client site that refuse to update via tftp to the PBX or via the “Browse” option in the GUI, using a local file. Has anyone experienced this? I have a log file from the phone, right after trying to Upgrade several times, using several different firmware versions, but it isn’t much use to me outside of being able to see when the phone is registering and such. The phones are currently on firmware. The 4 phones that were able to update to the newest firmware, were on the same version, prior to updating. Scratching my head here…

  1. Try to use http provisioning.
  2. Try a simple reboot before uploading the new firmware file.
  3. Sangoma provides free support for the Sangoma Phones.
    (As always, please post the fix once resolved)

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