Unable to update latest updates

i am not able to update the latest updates

it always hangs up at

Please wait while module actions are performed
Downloading and Installing pm2
Downloading pm2 
Installing pm2

then i close the status window

then the pm2 is disabled:

Process Management    Stable    Disabled; Pending Upgrade to 

if do then “upgrade to and enable”

it hangs up at

Please wait while module actions are performed
Installing pm2
Installing/Updating Required Libraries. This may take a while...Found npm-cache v0.6.5
Running installation..

and so on

what do i have to do?

How long did you wait?

about 20 minutes

From a console run fwconsole ma upgrade pm2

thank you, that worked instantly

how do i know that pm2 is the “short” for Process Management

whats e.g. the “short” for SIPStation? is there a list available?

fwconsole ma list


so sipstation is the “short” for SIPStation.

I was able to upgrade sipstation with web-ui

But like my problem with pm2 the status window just hanged up,

i quit the status window after couple of minutes and the module was updated.

Wasn´t there a “Done” text in status window in the past, when the updates was done?

Sorry to bother but i am having still trouble updating with module-admin-site

99% of the updates hangs in status window on first try

aftfer closing the status window the modules arent updated.

sometimes it works with second try.

Am i the only one having problems?

Updating with console works 100%