Unable to transfer call outside Trunk

Hello, hope anyone could help me with this problem.

My VOIP provider allows me to transfer calls by pushing the flash button on the handset and dial the destination number.
However when I “moved” the VOIP service to FreePBX/Asterisk, I am having issues.
When two internal extensions are talking to each other, and a transfer to external number is initiated, the transfer works fine.
However, if I call an external number (A) from an internal extension (B), and then transfer party A to external number (C), I am receiving “all circuits are busy” error from asterisk.
Also, if an external number (A) calls inbound and an internal extension (B) answered the call, party B transfers the call to external number (C), same error “all circuits are busy” is thrown by asterisk.

Can you please share a full call trace with pjsip logging enabled, via pastebin.

Here’s the log when I call from internal (extension 105) to external 09000000222, then 105 initiates blind transfer to external 09000000333.

Asterisk doesn’t forward hook flash indications.

Sending hook flash is not a normal way of doing SIP transfers.

With the normal way of doing SIP transfers, Asterisk remains in the signalling path, and, unless you disable a lot of features, remains in the media path. Asterisk can initiate SIP blind transfers, but I don’t think FreePBX supports this. It cannot initiate SIP attended transfers.

This also applies to the feature code method that you are using.

897. Warning: 399 229.3086.12855.ATS.62.32103.hc5gtsats01.voip.internal.com "The called num is invalid."
898. Reason: Q.850;cause=21;text="Call rejected",SIP;cause=403

The purported reason is that the called number is invalid.

Comparing the two INVITEs sent to the provider, I can’t spot any relevant difference.

Please confirm that the provider is not limiting the number of calls in progress:
Make a test call from ext. 105 to 09000000222. While this call is still in progress, make a test call from another extension to 09000000333. If this fails in the same way, open a ticket with the provider asking whether they are limiting the number of concurrent calls and whether it’s possible to increase the limit for your account.

If this test works ok, see whether doing an attended transfer (rather than blind) allows the transfer to take place. If not, post details, including a new paste.

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