Unable to shift deployment ID after new deployment

I’ve moved an old non distro to v14 and it looks like everything moved over o.k.
The problem now is that 14 was installed as a new deployment as I did not want to transfer the deployment ID’s until I was more familiar with 14. I’ve no idea now how to shift deployment ID’s as I’ve attempted one zend reset from the portal without success.

So the question is how do I shift a deployment ID to a new server that is already activated with another ID?
Or how can I reset the OOBE?


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Hi Lorne,

I’ve tried this options and that is why I only have one reset remaining.

  1. I reset the hardware lock of the old freepbx from the portal as per guide.
  2. went here


  1. OOBE - not possible as the new deployment is already activated with a new ID.

So do I need to use the zend reset on both the old and new installation and de-activate both machines before attemting to move the ID.
Also does the two minute time apply for de-activation?

Just need to confirm these steps as I have only one reset remaing.


A deployment ID can only be linked to a single system, and a system can only have a single deployment ID. Reset both, and register the desired ID on the desired system. If you exhaust your resets, you can open a support ticket of type “Customer Service and Billing” requesting support to reset it for you.

Hi Lorne,

I’ve managed to move ID’s without the need to request support for a reset but have exhausted all my reset options in the process. :slight_smile:

Have a small problem now with EPM but I will create a new topic.

Thank you for your assistance

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