Unable to send reports from CDR Reports Pro (scheduled) on email

I trying to send scheduled report on email from CDR Reports Pro.
I have Admin Pro and properly configured email (gmail), wich is send from any other module.
But I cant to send from CDR Reports Pro.
I opened Case in sangoma portal but their responsed to me:
"HI, We understand you need support for CDR, but unfortunately you do not have positive support credits. You need to have the credits to get support from us. Here’s how to buy it: Sangoma Documentation "
Really?.. for commercial module that I paid for?..
Is this normal practice in Sangoma?..

After sending an email from the CDR Pro module (Scheduler), i receive a message that the email has been sent, but it never arrives and there is no trace in the Postfix logs.

Credits are not required for commercial module bug support. PM ypur case number to me pls, its possible this is not a bug, or understood it to be for CDR module.

Thanks for reply.
There is case no: [01578540]

I dont have the option to even to set a email when using the CDR Reports. What am I missing?

Yes, You Have :slight_smile: Check in Action (edit) and there You have “Storage Location”. You can set email instance wich You set before in Settings → Filestore → Email.