Unable to reset an Aastra 57i phone to factory default

OK here is what I am dealing with. Have an old Aastra 57i phone. I have done the factory reset ( 1 and # at power on ). I am now being old to go into the web recovery at address, I set all my IP’s correctly and try and web browse into that address. Nothing happens.

Anyone got any suggestions, tricks to move forward with getting this phone working?


. . . I set all my IP’s correctly and try and web browse into that address. Nothing happens. . . . .

Show us your machines ip addresses :wink:

You might need to add an ip address in the network to get there from your machine’s web browser, for linux:-

ip addr add dev eth0

for windooze, I can’t remember.

my computers IP is the alternate IP is well inside the range. I did read that resetting the firmware, does not wipe the config. how do I wipe the config? i am concerned there is a LVan setting in place that is screeing me up

You best should power the phone with either a brick or an network unconnected poe switch, you need to have a tftp server available on a machine on the network with an appropriate *.st file available for when you “fill in the blanks”.

If “nothing happens” for a browser to that is on that network, check your work and dig out tcpdump ;-

(What’s an LVan ?)

Sorry a VLan, not a LVan, guessing an LVan is a very long truck, which of course has nothing to do with this…

I can not load anything into the phone as I can not HTTP into it. I can see the IP addr, what I do not know is if in the config on the phone someone set a VLan. This would cause no end of grief.

In recovery mode, the phone just starts a simple http server at the announced address and when you connect to that ip and ‘put’ an address and a filename (with a path if needed) it then starts a tftp connection to download it.

YaIt also also responds to.icmp (ping) , but it reads no files local nor external.

OK now I am totally confused, if it is reading no files, where is it getting the address of from? This is not an address I have ever used. If it is getting the address from some config file, could it also be getting VLan information.

As I said, boot up the phone, get the IP address can not browse to it, can not ping it. If I connect the same cable to a different Aastra phone, everything works just fine. So not the cables.

It is just a random ip address in 192.168.0/24 that the pho e chooses it is up to you to add an ip address in that network to your httpclient and tftpd server, (they could be the same machine)

There is no networking universe where 10.x.x.x/22 can talk directly to 192.168.x.x/16.

That is the problem it is not an address in the 192.168.0.xx/24 range. If anything it is a random address in the 192.168.xx.xx/16 range. And the address does not change no matter how long the phone is unplugged.

I know that, I am on a Windows computer. I have a virtual address and a static address on the one network card. Have done this for years, works just fine. Used this setup to configure the first two Aastrra phones. It is the third one that is giving me the issues.

Sorry. I don’t do windows but I believe you can build a vm on your 'doze box by various free VM servers, with perhaps the Shmooze iso, that will have all the tools you need if you use a bridged network on the vm.

OK, think we are going off topic here. Everything in my setup works just fine as it is, provided all devices are set to NONE for a VLan. I have used this setup for years to config things on the 192.168.xx.xx networks.

The only thing I can think of is the Aastra 79i has a VLan cofigured, if this is the case, I need to set up so I am on the same VLan in order to talk to the phone. With 65535 possible VLans this is not an easy task.

What I am looking for is a sure fire way to cause the 79i to completely wipe the internal configuration. The Aastra not clearing the internal config, when doing a factory reset is a well documented problem. I just can not find a documented solution yet.

Believe me, the Aastra when in ‘recovery mode’ does NOT have a VLAN set, it is untagged at the address you read,

A factory default generally works, but as you discovered , sometimes it doesn’t, then the recovery mode is much easier path to follow ( I believe that is powering it up with '1 'and ‘#’ pressed.)

(There are only 4096 vlan tags possible)

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