Unable to register from wan


I am new when it comes to voip and linux, I am running FreePBX and using frontier dsl service with DMZ and 5060, 16011, 1601, 25060 tcp and udp ports fwd to freepbx server. I am able to connect extensions withing the network but i am not able to connect extensions from wan side. Any suggestions or solutions will be highly appreciated.

Open these ports to your PBX:

UDP 5060-5082 Sip Signalling
UDP 10000-20000 RTP Stream
UDP 4569 IAX2 only needed if you are running IAX
UDP 4520 Dundi only needed if you are running Dundi

Edit your sip_nat.conf and add the lines

externip=your.dotted.external.ip ;such as 123.234.345.456
localnet= ;change to match your internal addressing scheme

Save the file and restart asterisk

Thanks for the help, i have made ports fwd allng with dmz as well and have updated the file but getting time out if tried to register from wan…
if anyone else can test and register please let me know…

settings are

ID = 111
display name = test
pwd = test123
proxy = sipura.webhop.net
port =5060

What kind of Router do you have. There are some router/firewalls that just don’t work with SIP. Microsoft ISA server is one of them.

it is Gigaset SE567/8 Series