Unable to receive texts

On Friday, we were able to receive texts for MFA reasons but since Saturday we are unable to receive any texts but can send them. These are the updates that auto updated on Saturday morning (manager 16.0.21 (current: 16.0.20) restapps (current: sangomaconnect (current: sangomartapi (current: sysadmin (current:

I tried to roll them back but unable to do so. i uninstalled the sangomaconnect and the sangomrtapi module but same result. These numbers were bought via SIPStation, I called their support line and was placed in a callback queue 2.5 hours ago. Anyone run into this?

There is an open notice on the trust website[1] regarding SIPStation SMS. I’d suggest keeping watch there for resolution.

[1] https://trust.sangoma.com

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This just started to work a couple of hours ago.

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