Unable to purchase commercial module: deployment does not appear in checkout

Unable to purchase (activate) commercial module: my new (just activated) deployment does not appear in the listbox at checkout page. Also, the new deployment is missing from portal sangoma com: My Products → PBX → List.
Activation is successful: my new deployment receives a new deployment id.

Tried to reactivate (got a new deployment ID).
Tried to create a new login, and activate through it.
No result.
Please, help.

Sounds like you’ve activated the deployment using different creds than the purchase. Open a ticket of ‘Customer Service and Billing’ with deployment number and details of what you’re attempting to purchase. Training & Support | FreePBX - Let Freedom Ring

It’s new installation of FreePBX Distro. I can’t buy anything. Just opened an ticket as you adviced. Thank you.

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